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Used Woodworking Machines 

The technical progress in the sector of woodworking technology is impressive. 
Every year new models are developed, every year larger dimensions can be processed and every year new applications are available to woodworkers. Companies in the wood industry are undergoing a change as well and invest in latest woodworking technology. Old machines are then often sorted before the end of their service life with the result that the market for used woodworking machines is booming.
The situation of woodworking machines is similar to used cars: No one would think of bringing a three year old car to the scrap yard. Not only because of economic facts – after all the machine still has a high residual value – there are ethical reasons: The production of woodworking machines requires a wide range of valuable resources. Therefore the wood industry is also interested in an economical and sustainable use of resources. 

Why used woodworking machines are placed on the market? 

There are plenty of reasons:
·        Business expansions: Woodworking companies are continuously enhancing and therefore require the latest equipment to offer their customers an improved quality or products in other dimensions. The old woodworking machine is redundant and made available to the second-hand market. 
·        Business closures: One of the typical reasons for used woodworking machines reintroduced onto the market. If the own business model is no longer profitable and companies have no other solution but closure, used machines are often solid in excellent condition.
·        Restructuring: Woodworking companies constantly proceed the reorganisation and redesign of their own production chain in order to be more efficient. Due to this renewal, selected used wood working machines are offered to the market. 

In general, used woodworking machines meet highest demands concerning quality, condition, operation reliability and easy maintenance. As a further benefit the reliable spare parts supply is usually provided. For this and other reasons used woodworking machines are of special interest for start-up companies with low capital resources or for companies with expansion plans.