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Hundegger 4-Side Planer - second-hand HMA main picture not available


4-Side Planer
make Hundegger
type HMA

4-sided timber planer and automatic machine

incl. cross conveyor approx. 6 m long x 3 m wide at the inlet track
incl. inlet and outlet track each 6 meters
planing width vertical 30 - 400 mm
planing height 15 - 300 mm
passage width vertical maximum 400 mm
motor power vertical shafts 4 kW each, 2 knives each
planing width 4 sides (top / bottom) maximum 300 mm
motor power Horizontal shafts 4 kW each, 3 knives each
including chamfering cutter top / bottom, 4 x chamfering machines, engine power 1.1 kW each
planing heads with Tersa knives
planing and chamfering short components
strong feed rate for safe timber transport,
even with very large cross sections and crooked beams
manually or automatically loadable
1-man operation (including loading and unloading)
by automatic conveyors

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