Kündig Automatic Wide Belt Sander - NEW

Machine number 5204




Technic-3 1100 RrRrRr


Sanding, Polishing & Cleaning




Autom. Wide Belt Sanding Machine
type Technic-3 1100 RrRrRr

Automatic sander for the very precise sanding of thin and flexible work pieces to achieve a high accuracy.

Technical data:
working width 1100 mm
3 sanding units – steel contact rollers
3. unit incl. infinitely variable sanding belt speed, programmable
SPS control with touch screen
sanding belt motor 1, 30.0 kW
sanding belt motor 2, 30.0 kW
sanding belt motor 3, frequency controlled 30.0 kW
drives for feed, total 2,2 kW
motor of height adjustment, frequency controlled 0.75 kW
motor for vacuum generation, frequency controlled 2.2 kW
total connected load 102 kW
operating voltage 400 volts / 50 cycles / 3 phases
dust exhaustion:
dust suction socket for 1. sanding unit: Ø 180 mm
dust suction socket for 2. sanding unit: Ø 180 mm
dust suction socket für 3. sanding unit: Ø 180 mm
dust suction socket for brush counter roller (optional), each unit Ø 150 mm
dust suction socket for work piece brush (optional), Ø 140 mm
total connected load diameter for dust suction: 320 mm
air speed at connection opening min. 25 m/sec.
air volume total for dust suction min. 7'000 m3/h
compressed air:
for belt cleaning and oscillation 4 Nm3/h
operating pressure 6 bar
sanding belt length 2'000 mm
sanding belt width 1'120 mm
sanding belt speed on 2. unit 5-20 m/sec
work piece width max. 1'050 mm
work piece thickness min 0.5 mm
work piece thru feed max. 150 mm
min. work piece length 450 mm
working height approx. 950 mm
feed speed range 5-25 m/min
total length of the machine approx. 2'700 mm
total width approx. 2'000 mm
height min. 2'600 mm
height max. 2'750 mm
net weight approx. 3'000 kg

Recommended options (additional prices):
cleaning system at infeed by means of brush incl. additional suction hood
ionisation for elimination of the electrostatic charge
sanding belt cleaning by means of oscillating nozzles, jumping
brush unit incl. exhaustion for the cleaning of the counter pressure rolls