Comeva CNC-Processing Center - NEW

Machine number 6551




Nicron 2 C 13/26


CNC Processing Center


Comeva CNC-Processing Center - NEW Nicron 2 C 13/26 main picture


CNC-Processing Center
make Comeva
type Nicron 2 C 13/26

short portal design with nesting software!

This processing center was developed for smaller companies working very flexible with very few staff.
It offers the possibility of having an optimal panel division via the nesting soft ware and carrying out as well all other tasks as cabinet processing, door processing, furniture production, etc. by the easy to operate soft ware.

Technical data:
working range 2.600 x1.250 x 110 mm
vacuum raster table with 4 working fields
vacuum pump 160 m3/h
axis feed 10 m/min. (30 m/min. with optional safety equipment consisting of light barrier and safety fence)

fence cylinder: 12 pcs. for 4 angles

basic equipment:
1 vertical milling motor 9 kW
position: top beam
pick up magazine for 6 tools
tool support ISO 30

1 free space for a further processing unit (see options)

incl. safety device (emergency strip wire)

software UcanCam V10

machine dimensions approx.: 2.150 x 3.300 x 2.100 mm

safety device Comeva Nicron –
light barrier and safety fence for axis traversing speeds of 30 m/min. (#10478)


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