Fisher + Rückle Veneer Cross Splicer - NEW

Machine number 7355


Fisher + Rückle


Crossmaster FZR 34


Veneer Processing


Fisher + Rückle Veneer Cross Splicer - NEW Crossmaster FZR 34 main picture


Crossfeed Splicer
make Fisher & Rückle

For the most efficient cross-gluing of parallel connected veneer strips on endless or component-adapted veneer sides. The cut or rotary cut veneers must be pre-glued, PVAc or UREA glue.

Equipped with
Feed device for the efficient and comfortable semi-automatic feeding of veneer strips.

Automatic panel for component-adapted surfaces with pre-sorted components and a pre-selected number of veneer strips.

Format cutter for automatic and precise cutting of the veneer surfaces to the required size. Clipper is activated by the photo eye at different widths

- Perfect splicing of cut or round cut veneers of different types, with restrictions for wavy or kinked veneer
- Fastest best-selling crossfeed gluer on the market
- Unique, a thousand times proven horizontal press system, resulting
in completely closed, tight glue joints
- Solid, strong construction for a long service life, reliable and fail-safe operation
- Simple operation through touchscreen panel, clear icons,
separate pressure gauges with direct access etc.
- Liftable pressure beam for easy access to the heating plates for fa
- Few wearing parts, low service and maintenance costs

Intermediate conveyor Z.22
For discharging and transporting the veneer surface to the stacking device. At the same time, it serves as a buffer to avoid waiting times when stacking.
Veneer face widths (transverse direction) 300 - 2200 mm

Edge reinforcement and trimming device RVP / BS with autom. positioning
Veneer cover lengths (grain direction) 900 - 3400 mm

Edge reinforcement device for the automatic top application of a paper tape to reinforce the veneer edges. It prevents splitting or tearing and avoids repair work after splicing and further processing of the veneer surface.

Edge trimmer for automatic trimming of both sides of the veneer in one operation using a circular knife (upper knife against lower knife) and cuts the veneer at right angles to the desired dimension with the lowest tolerance.

These devices with their two application heads are installed between the intermediate conveyor and the stacking device. Manual setting of the two application heads using handwheels with millimeter counters.

The width adjustment for the trim band is motorized and adjustable via the touchscreen.

Stacking device A.22
For automatic, gentle destacking of the top of the veneer after passing the intermediate conveyor.
Veneer face widths (transverse direction) 300 - 2200 mm
Max. Height of the stack 500 mm

Scissor lift table (without rollers on the platform)
For the automatic collection of the spliced ​​veneer surface on a scissor lift table.
Platform dimensions 2500 x 1200 mm
Load capacity 1000 kg