OMGA Double Mitre Saw for Glass Strips - NEW

Machine number 6896




TRF 527 NC




OMGA Double Mitre Saw for Glass Strips - NEW TRF 527 NC main picture


Double Mitre Saw for Glass Beads
make OMGA
type TRF 527 CE

Double mitre saw for simultaneous cutting of two glass beads

The right saw unit is fix; the left one is adjustable by means of a hand wheel, complete with mechanical counter to read the measurements.
After positioning the adjustable unit is pneumatically fixed. The units run on steel-hardened axes. Both units have supports enabling the simultaneous cutting of 2 glass beads. For cutting larger cross-cuts the upper support can be removed. After the cutting procedure the pneumatic clamping cylinder tilts automatically side wards to simplify the loading and unloading of the machine.

Basic equipment:
- fix saw unit right
- tilting clamping device
- positioning control
- maintenance unit, pressure monitor
- middle support
- HM tipped saw blades Ø 220 mm
- two-hand circuit
- intermediate supports for simultaneous sawing of 2 glass beads
- pneumatic stroke of the saw unit
- motor protection switch, undervoltage release, overload switch
- pressure monitor
- tool kit

Technical data:
- motor 2 x 1,2 kW
- saw blade diameter Ø 220 mm
- max. cutting height without support: 80 mm
- max. cutting width at 90 degrees: 55 mm
- max. cutting width at 45 degrees: 40 mm
- max. cutting length: 2380 mm (on request 2800 or 4000 mm )
- min. cutting length 158 mm
- weight 217 kg
- required space (standard design) 3000 x 850 mm

Description of the numerical control
- touch screen 7 "(154x93mm) - backlit
- virtual alphanumeric keyboard
- diagnosis with error messages
- languages: IT-GB-FR-ENG-SP
- storage capacity: Micro SD Card 4Gb
- 2 serial ports (RS232)
- 2 USB ports
- 1 ethernet connection (RJ45)
- directly via on-screen keyboard
- via mains connection (RJ45)
- via USB port
- data format: CSV

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