Renzo Borgonovo Embossing Press / Hot Stamping Machine - New

Machine number 7691


Renzo Borgonovo


Borgore 1300 ITI




Renzo Borgonovo Embossing Press / Hot Stamping Machine - New Borgore 1300 ITI main picture


Embossing Press / Hot Stamping Machine
make Renzo Borgonovo
type Borgore 1300 ITI

This embossing machine was developed for hot engraving on wood and is equipped with a motorized lower feed roller. Thanks to the possibility of pressing large pieces and the considerable power of the motor, this machine is able to meet all hot pressing requirements. Equipped with a solid structure and high quality components, it is particularly suitable for parquet, panels, doors, chests, furniture and accessories, picture rails and for all sectors that require a considerable engraving capacity.
The machine can ideally emboss any type of wood, from solid wood to wood-based materials such as MDF, HDF, plywood and veneer.

Technical details

Suitable workpieces / materials:
Any type of wood (solid wood - any type of wood, waste wood, recycled wood) and all common wood-based materials (plywood, veneer, MDF, 3DF, etc.)

approx. 1 - 12 m/min.

max. part passage width / embossing width: 1300 mm
Passage height: max. 150 mm

Outer roller diameter: 300 - 400 mm
roller bore: 150 mm

Embossing/engraving depth: max. 5 mm for hot embossing (depending on the wood material)
2 motors, 2.2 KW each (frequency-controlled)

Roller heating system:
by electric heating lamps, peak output of 50 kW, max. 350°C

Roller cooling:
Roller cooling to protect against overheating damage to bearings and shaft is ensured by a standard external cooling unit

Operation via touch panel

Compressed air requirement: 6 bar, 19 l/min, connection 4x6 mm

Approx. dimensions: 2700 x 2300 x 2000 mm
Weight approx. 3700 kg

Connection / fuse:
63 A
400 V 50 Hz 3 Ph + N + E

Incl. roller changing device (embossing roller is changed from the right-hand side)

** Embossing / smoothing rollers are not part of the machine **
Motorized roller table in infeed and outfeed (#10814) available as special accessory.