Rubio LED-Dryer - NEW reserved

Machine number 7056




400 / 2s


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Rubio LED-Dryer - NEW 400 / 2s main picture reserved


LED Dryer
make Rubio
type 400 / 2s

LED dryer for curing special LED oils for e.g. solid wood flooring

working width: 400 mm

equipped with 2 LED strips
Durable, heat/UV resistant conveyor belt
Detector to prevent overheating
Adjustable speed control: 0-25 m/min
Integrated single-point height adjustment

Operating power: 110-230 VAC (50-60 Hz)
LED input power: 4 x 360 W
Fan supply: 1 x 100W
4 x 4 LED light fields
Fuse: 10A
Power plug: CEE 7/7

- Base frame made completely of stainless steel with mounted LED unit and power supply
- Strong base plate to absorb occasional impacts on planks and boards
- Integrated air cooling
- Custom-made current driver with built-in error detection and diagnostics (detection of defective LEDs)
- Glass lenses to prevent dust from burning in
- Quickly exchangeable LED light fields with replacement units

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