Weber Longitudinal Cross Belt Sanding Machine - NEW

Machine number 6954




KSN-2-1350 (DM) Compact


Sanding, Polishing & Cleaning




Longitudinal Cross Belt Sanding Machine
make Weber
type KSN-2-1350 (DM) Compact

with 2 sanding belts for high-quality calibration, veneer and lacquer sanding. With a constant working height 900 mm.

Equipment as follows:
unit 1 - contact roller unit with 1 grooved steel contact roller Ø 210 mm
unit 2 - CBF combined unit with grooved rubber calibrating roller Ø 130 mm, 60 shore, with paint package incl. Frequency converter and sanding belt blow-out
Both units with electrical and program-controlled delivery of the contact rollers

ISA (intelligent grinding pressure adjustment) with patented articulated pressure beam system with full tolerance compensation, pressure piece width 22 mm (movable in longitudinal and transverse direction)

Technical specifications:
working width 1350 mm
drive unit 1 + 2 (frequency-controlled Eco-Drive) 24.0 kW
drive CBF 4.0 kW
drive feed 2.0 kW
drive height adjustment 1.3 kW
drive vacuum blower 1.5 kW
sanding belt speeds approx. 2 - 18 m / s
abrasive belt size 1370 x 2150 mm
workpiece thickness (min./max.) 3 - 200 mm
working height (constant) 900 mm
feed speed 2-12 m / min
pressure required 5.5 bar
connection compressed air 2 x ½ "
operating voltage 3x 400Volt / N / PE50 Hz
control voltage 24 V DC

- table extension (foldable)
- uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
- workpiece blow-out device including energy-saving workpiece-controlled workpiece cleaning with individually controlled cleaning nozzles, with conveyor belt cleaning function