KomTec Montagetisch - NEU

Machine number 7081






Solid Wood Processing


KomTec Montagetisch - NEU GPM main picture


Assembly table
Type GPM

with pneumatic clamping units
Universally applicable assembly station for the production of wall, ceiling and roof elements in timber frame construction.

Working area:
- Maximum element size (W x H): 12,000 x 3,800 mm
- Minimum element size (W x H): 1,000 x (0) mm
- Cylinder stroke of the clamping cylinders: 320 mm
- Stop/plug-in pin height: 120 mm
- working height: approx. 700 mm

Technical details:
- Heavy, torsion-free basic structure of the machine frame for an absolutely level working surface and distortion-free swivelling.
- Working surface with wooden planking as far as possible
- Pressing of the elements via 9 system hole grid beams with pneumatic pressure cylinders downwards against socket pins.
In the basic position elements from 0 to 3,000 mm can be clamped.
The system perforated grid beams are extendable for Element heights from 100 to 3,800 mm. Cylinder stroke 320 mm.
Pressing force per cylinder approx. 420 kg/4,200 N.
Clamping can be done in two groups 5 and 4 beams, so two elements can be clamped at the same time.
- Planking of the working surface with wooden panels as far as technically possible.
- Stop system at the bottom with 9 socket pins and at the sides with 8 fixed abutment plates for dimensionally accurate elements,
designed so that nails or screws can be inserted on the narrow side of the elements.
- The entire assembly station can be swivelled up to an 85° incline via 3 hydraulic cylinders for element weights of up to 4,000 kg.
The hydraulic supply system is mounted protected under the assembly station.
Safety valves on the hydraulic cylinders prevent accidental lowering of the work surface.
- The electrical switch cabinet is also mounted under the assembly station, where it is protected.
All working functions are located in the control panel with 3 m cable length.
- At the front sides, one electrical connection (220 V, 16 A) and one pneumatic connection (R ¼") each are provided for the use of hand tools.
On the long side at the bottom, 4 additional pneumatic connections are mounted.

Electrical connection: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3/N, PE, approx. 7 kW
Pneumatic connection: R 3/8", 3-10 bar

1. pressing cylinder, pneumatic for insertion into the perforated plates, stroke 60 mm, pressing pressure 20.000 N only together with perforated plate planking
2. perforated sheeting Type. GL for universal use, with 12 stop pins at the bottom for taking over the elements, height 120 mm.
Dimensions: 12.500 x 3.000 mm

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