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Mitre Milling Machine
make Lehbrink

mitre milling machine for furniture parts

suitable for work piece dimensions:
length approx. 160 - 3.650 mm or longer, depending on the used roller conveyor length
width 60 - 1.200 mm
thickness max. max. 50 mm

mitre grooving distance from work piece outer edge min. 80 mm

support table
movable table on an inclined surface for processing of 45° inclined pieces at work piece end (level lifting)

clamping device
pneum. operated pressure beam for clamping of work pieces during the milling process

cross traverse
cross traverse fix mounted, equipped with linear guide system for supporting 1 processing support

aligning system
1 guide lineal approx. 3.000 mm long, at infeed and outfeed, for placing the work pieces and supporting of work piece positioning stops

processing units
1 saw support with 2 motors, each 4,8 kW at n=3.000 - 6.000 rpm, below 45° arranged for the support of a combination tool
feed movement at processings by servo-controlled drive
units in 3 heights adjustable:
1. support return speed via work pieces
2. mitre saw height (foil is not cut)
3. edge banding height (work piece is completely cut through

pneum. control
pneum. cylinder and installation for activation and deactivation of the saw unit

control system
electric control cabinet with separate operation desk, wiring acc. VDE regulations
voltage 380 V, 50 cycles, 3 phases
angle adjustable for processing support 22,5° - 90°

foil gluing device
for veneered surfaces, electronically controlled, with linear guide system, for a max. adhesive film width of 35 mm
1 pre-scoring device, integrated into the foil gluing device, working by using a carbide saw blade 2 pneum. controlled cross stops in table, manual adjustment, longitudinal direction (mitre distances)
1 pneum. controlled mitre fence
frequency converter 50/100 cycles, protection IP 54, incl. autom. star-delta start 15 KVA
quick brake device for 2 processing motors
2 support tables

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