Siempelkamp Short Cycle Press / Melamine Press Line - second-hand sold

Machine number 5392








Short Cycle Press Line
make Siempelkamp

Consisting of:
- tension conveyor with lifting table for panel material
- cross portal for autom. support of the panels and the foil (top/bottom) onto the feeding belt of the press
- second foil table
- short-cycle melamine press Siempelkamp
- vacuum cross portal stacker

working cycles approx. 100 pressings/hour
heating plates 2200 x 2800 mm
heating plates thickness top/bottom 250 / 200 mm
daylight opening width 270 mm

The previous owner operated mainly the size 2070 x 2440/2610/2620 mm, panel thickness 6-40 mm.

total press force approx. 18982 kN
operating pressure max. 320 bar
specific press force on a surface of 2070 x 2620 mm = max. 350 N/cm2

thermo-oil heating, 220°C, 5 bar
heat requirement of the press approx. 250.000 kcal/h
required heating time approx. 2 h

installed electrical power approx. 230 kW
compressed air demand of the line approx. 200 Nm3/h
required compressed air pressure 6 bar
required suction pipe approx. 16900 Nm3/h

net voltage 3x400 V
net frequency 50 cycles
control voltage 230 V

The line can be seen in operation until April 2016!