Fisher + Rückle Veneer Cross Splicer - second-hand sold

Machine number 6709


Fisher + Rückle


FZL 34 Delta


Veneer Processing


Fisher + Rückle Veneer Cross Splicer - second-hand FZL 34 Delta main picture sold


Veneer Cross Splicer
make Fisher & Rückle
type FZL 34 Delta

built 2002

The previous owner used the machine rather rarely.

- suitable for fully efficient cross splicing of sliced and rotary-cut veneers
- perfect joints for high and constant quality of the final product
- unique and thousandfold praised Fisher + Rückle horizontal pressing system
- suitable for PVAc and/or Urea based glues

Machine equipment:
- Pre-feeding system for the efficient and comfortable feeding of veneer strips.
- Panel automatic for the splicing of veneers with pre-sorted veneer strips or pre-selected veneer blade numbers.
- Cross veneer splicing machine.
- Veneer clipper for the automatic and exact cutting of veneers to the preselected final size.
- Automatic veneer stacker with lifting platform, deposit depth approx. 2000 mm

Joining capacity:
up to approx. 1000 (1200 x 2400 mm) veneer sizes per 8 hour shift

Technical data:
Veneer strip length (in fibre direction) 500 - 3400 mm
Veneer strip width (cross to fibre direction) 70 - 600 mm
Veneer strip thickness (depending on veneer) 0.4 - 1.5 mm
Veneer format widths (cross to fibre direction) 300 – 2000 mm

Voltage: 400 V ± 10 % / 50 cycles

- Perfectly joined sliced and rotary-cut of a wide range of woods, conditionally with wavy or different veneer.
- The fastest and best-selling veneer cross feed splicing machine available for joint-free veneers.
- Unique and praised Fisher + Rückle hydraulic horizontal pressing system for continuous joint-free glue joints.
- The robust basic construction ensures a long service life and is dependable, reliable and enduring.
- Easy operation due to touch screen with clearly arranged symbols and separate pressure control.
- Moveable cross beam allows for quick and easy access to the heating plates for service and maintenance duties.
- Few wear parts, little service and maintenance cost.

Currently the machine is dismantled. Upon receipt of your order the machine will be re-installed and checked.
Video and photos show a machine of the same type, however, 5 years older, which we checked and supplied and 2018!


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