ICO System Glue Heater / Drum Melter - New Machine

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ICO System


FS 200 LC


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Glue Heater / Drum Melter
make ICO System
type FS 200

With pump and heating hose

Heating plunger approx. 22 kW heating power
Melting plate standard (cast plate)
Melting capacity approx. 30-60 kg/hour, adhesive dependent

Two-hand operation to stamp movement
Ventilation of the barrel via pneumatic valve
Venting of the barrel via pneumatic cylinder
Digital switching points (drum empty,drum almost empty,drum height)
Barrel centering suitable for steel barrel d=572mm

1 heating circuit plunger
1 heating circuit hose
1 heating circuit for small application head (max.600 W)
Thermocouples FeCuNi
1 control for application head (24V DC)
Siematic S7 control, operating display KTP700 Siemens
Pressure regulator as overpressure protection and control pump PGZP35 without heater
Pump control via frequency control

Technical data:
Unit voltage: 3x400V AC +N+PE.
Frequency: 50-60 Hz.
3 heating zones
Temperature range: 20-200 °C
Melting capacity approx. 30-60 Kg/hour, depending on adhesive
Container: 200-liter standard container d=572mm (design for steel drum, not suitable for paper drum)
Connected load approx. 25KW
control voltage 24VDC

Unit dimensions:approx. 1400 x 1700 / 2100 x 900 mm (WxHxD)

1 heating hose DN16, L=5m,
with head connection, FeCuNi sensor, fitting: DKJ 7/8-14 Connecting cable: 2,5m 230V