Cepillos para varias aplicaciones

Brushes for structuring, sanding, cleaning, expelling and coating

Structuring/Texturing Brushes – Brushes for Texturing/Structuring

The structuring/texturing of wood surfaces is booming for several years now and enjoys great popularity among friends of a rustic look. The technical principle is based on “brushing out” soft wood out of hard wood emphasizing the texture of the structure and creating a particularly attractive rustic look. 

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Cleaning Brushes – Brushes for Work Piece Cleaning

„You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.” And sanding raises dust. Therefore it is especially important in surface treatment to have a good filter system as well as efficient and high-quality cleaning equipment.  

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Sanding Brushes - Brushes for Wood Sanding

Our wide range of products includes high-quality, highly durable polishing brushes meeting the highest requirements on quality, efficiency and versatility. Polishing brushes are used in various industrial sectors and fields of applications. 

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Abrasive Brush Strips – Exchangeable Abrasive Strips for Custom-Made Cores 

The modular design of our abrasive brush systems allows the user to change the abrasive strips flexibly depending on the application. This procedure enables you to use the same core for different applications, for example, to exchange heavily worn abrasive strips with little effort. 

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Expelling Brushes – Brushes for Expelling of Oil, Stain and Lacquer 

In the production of solid wood floors (parquet), stairs or similar applications, the professional and even distribution of the oils and stains used plays a key role. In order to achieve the desired features on the oil or stain treated surface, the oil or stain must penetrate deeply enough and over the entire surface into the material. 

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