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Optimat BOF 311


Centros de mercanizado CNC


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CNC-Processing Center
make Homag
type Optimat BOF 311

built 2008

CNC-controlled processing center for the production of work pieces of wood or materials similar to wood

incl. feeder and discharge device

suitable also for nesting works

with C-axis

traverse paths
X-axis: 3000 mm
Y-axis: 2100 mm
Z-axis: 600 mm

Vektor speed: 113 m/min.
X- and Y-axis: 80 m/min.
Z-axis: 30 m/min.

work piece parameter:
- work piece lengths max. (all units): 6000 mm (single) / 2375 mm (pendulum)
and at tool diameter 25 mm 6175 mm (single) / 2550 mm (pendulum)

- work piece width max. (all units):
fence at front 1450 mm and at tool diameter 25 mm 1525 mm
fence rear 1700 mm at tool diameter 25 mm 1850 mm

- work piece thickness:
max. 300 mm incl. clamping device

The work piece dimensions specified cannot be equated with the max. possible processing sizes per unit. The min. work piece size is dependent of: clamping devices, work piece surfaces and contours.


- console table: clamping table with automatic positioning of the console and vacuum clamping devices, stop bolt stroke: 140 mm

- matrix-adapter 3000 x 2100 mm for the use of a protection panel for nesting works

- main spindle: 15 kW
holder: HSK F63
rotation 1000 - 24000 rpm

- C-axis

- 12-fold tool changer, d=135 mm
possible tool and unit equipments:
12 x diameter max. 135 mm or
6 x diameter max. 180 mm and
6 x diameter max. 85 mm
tool diameter max. 200 mm for sanding tools

- drill head 21 spindles:
- 1 motor 2,2 kW, frequency controlled
programme selected rotation, max. 7500 rpm
for vertical drills, stroke 50 mm
17 drill spindles up to max. 35 mm drill diameter
each spindle single callable
quick clamping system for drill changing
spindle sequence: T form
11 spindles in X-direction
7 spindles in Y-direction
one drilling spindle prepared for groove saw blade for grooving in X and Y direction

- 2 x vacuum pumps 500 m3/h

- control PC85 with WoodWop

Ethernet connection

without tools

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