Fisher + Rückle Cross Veneer Splicing Machine / Veneer Cross Splicing Machine - second-hand

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Fisher + Rückle




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Cross veneer splicing machine / Veneer cross splicing machine
make Fisher Rückle
type DELTA FZX-28

complete with intermediate conveyor, edge processing unit, stacking device with lifting table

The machine is currently being checked and delivered with warranty.

Veneer strip length up to max. 2800 mm
Veneer strip thickness approx. 0.4 - 1.5 mm (depending on veneer)
Veneer strip widths approx. 70 - 600 mm (across the grain)

Glue types based on urea or PVAC

This machine makes it possible to join veneer sheets crosswise with glue (Pvac or Urea).
It is necessary that the veneer sheets are pre-glued. The machine guarantees excellent joints of any type of veneer. Gluing is carried out by a system of hydraulic cylinders with horizontal pressure, which enables the veneer sheets to be joined without gaps along the entire length. The heavy and robust construction of the machine guarantees a long service life and reliable operation. Operation of the machine is simple and intuitive thanks to a clearly laid out control panel. Separate pressure gauges give the operator direct access to the pressures of the heating plates, the horizontal pressing system, etc. as well as short changeover times. The upper beam of the machine is lifted to allow easy and quick access to the heating plates for cleaning and maintenance.