Sanding Brushes

High-Quality Sanding Brushes for First-Class Surface Treatment

We are offering in our range of products high-quality durable sanding brushes meeting highest demands on quality, efficiency and versatility. Sanding brushes are used in a wide variety of industries and application fields. To a large extent the result of the surface treatment is dependent on the quality and material composition of the brush. For this reason we have a variety of sanding brushes for different applications available. 

From Solid Wood Furniture to Floors and Car Components – our Product Range 

The application of sanding is cross-sectoral in order to achieve surfaces with a certain texture and surface quality. When sanding old floors, for example, the point is to remove worn layers carefully and to give the floor a new finish. Besides the sanding is the basis for a subsequent surface treatment with lacquer or sealing. The sanding process gives the floor a good adhesion which is very important for further processing. 

The sanding brushes of our assortment cannot only process floors, furniture, doors, frames, or strips of wood, but also brighten-up metal or synthetic surfaces according to your own ideas. Furthermore sanding brushes are very well suited for deburring of components or rounding of sharp edges. 

When selecting the right brush, it is particularly important to choose a suitable material. In addition, it is important to decide on a suitable grit or grain size. This has an main influence on the surface quality of the finished surface. The surface quality stands for the roughness of the work piece and is often stated in craft as “average surface finish Ra” or “average roughness Rz”.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information when selecting a suitable sanding brush!