Expelling Brushes

Brushes for Oiling and Staining 

In the production of parquet floor, stairs, or similar applications, the professional and even distribution of the oils and stains used plays a key role. In order to achieve the desired features on the oil or stain treated surface, the oil or stain must get in the material. deeply enough and over the entire surface. 

For this reason special expelling brushes for oils and stains are used in crafts. We recommend especially the brush pads and cylinder brushes based on a combination of natural and synthetic fibres for the even application of oils. For water-based staining we suggest to use cylinder brushes with horsehair. This enables you to stain parquet floor, profile woods or similar surfaces very thoroughly and efficiently.

If you need any help with the selection of a suitable expelling brush for oiling or staining, we are here to assist you.