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Assembly table system

consisting of:

1. assembly table make KomTec, type GPM
with pneumatic clamping device.
The universally applicable assembly station for the production of wall-, ceiling- and roof elements in timber frame construction.
- Heavy, basic construction of the machine frame for a flat working surface.
- Clamping of the elements over 9 system clamping beams with pneumatic pressure cylinders.
In the basic position elements from 0 to 3,000 mm can be clamped.The system clamping beams are extendable for element heights from 100 to 3.800 mm.
The cylinder stroke is 300 mm, the clamping force per cylinder approx. 420 kg/4,200 N.
It is possible to clamp 5 elements in two groups and 4 elements in 4 groups, so two elements can be clamped/operated at the same time.
- Planking of the working surface with wooden boards as far as technically possible.
- Stop system with 9 pins at the bottom and 7 pins at the side for accurate elements.
- Swivel-mounting device of the assembly station via 3 hydraulic cylinders for element weights of up to 4,000 kg to 85° (95°).
The hydraulic system is compactly integrated in the frame area of the assembly station.
- The electric switch cabinet is also protected under the assembly station.
- The functions are operated via a control panel.
- A compressed air connection and socket are installed at the two front sides of the station, and 2 pieces of
Sockets and 2 pieces of compressed air connections for the connection of hand tools installed.
- The stations are designed on a modular principle, so that they can be expanded to a complete turning station either immediately or later with a slave station.

Working area:
- Maximum element size (W x H): 12,000 x 3,800 mm
- Minimum element size (W x H): 1,000 x 100 mm
- Cylinder stroke of the clamping cylinders: 320 mm
- stop/plug-in pin height:120 mm
- working height: approx. 700 mm

2. assembly table make KomTec
receiver-table 12,000 mm
Heavy basic construction of the machine frame for a flat working surface.
Planking of the working surface with multi-layer boards.
19 bottom stop bolts for the transfer of the elements, height 120 mm.
At the front sides there are two electrical connections (240 V, 16A) and two pneumatic connections (R1/2, door 7,2 mm inch) for the use of
Hand tools.
Swivel up to 85° inclined by 3 hydraulic cylinders for element weights up to 4.000 kg.
For the supply receover the transmitter to the receiver a cable duct of at least 200x200 mm according to our specifications is to be produced by the customer free of charge.
Equipment of the taker with motorized movement up to 2 m on large profile wheels and flat rails.For different element thicknesses, the pick-up distance to the encoder can be set to 3 positions using a selector switch.
Additional concrete inlay integrated in the pickup to prevent tipping.
Drive via gear motor with soft start.
Supply via cable drag chain from below.

Working range:
- Working area length (element width): from min. 1.000 - max. 12.000 mm
- Working area width (element height): from min. 550 - max. 2,500 mm
- Element thickness from min. 100 - max.approx. 400 mm
- Fence height: 125 mm
- Working height/table height: approx. 700 mm
3. switch cabinet for reversing operation
One transmitter and one receiver table with manual operation and automatic operation


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