Promas supplies new Automatic Painting Machine to a well-known garden house manufacturer in North Germany

A weather-resistant, colourful exterior and a natural, as untreated as possible inside – this is what many want for their garden houses or carports made of wood. A glaze or varnish not only offers unlimited freedom in the colour design of the facade, but, depending on the coating process, also in terms of texture. At the same time, the biological self-protection of the material is strengthened against UV light, moisture, fungi and insects.

In the interior of the garden house, however, many people focus on the pure character of the valuable natural. 

It does not matter whether the garden house is used as a playhouse for children, storage shed, hobby room or barbecue hut. An untreated surface makes it possible to experience the wood-typical features, especially the appearance, smell and surface texture.

Clean 3-sided paint application for wall panels with tongue and groove

The Ceetec Automatic Painting Machine IP Touch 250 Combi, designed for coating of all relevant components, thus beams and profiled boards, now started operation at one of the leading manufacturer of wooden garden houses.

As it is equipped as flooding and brushing machine, the compact machine simultaneously coats carport beams and other facade parts from all four sides. By the simple change from the flow coat box to the spray box, the machine becomes an automatic spray machine that can be used with automatic airless or airmix spray guns. Due to this equipment the painting machine handles the 3-sided painting of the wall panels. The seamless and especially precise application of paint to the outside as well as the tongue and groove side of the panels in different formats succeeds with repeated accuracy.

Automatic Painting Machine Ceetec IP Touch Combi

Nowhere else the Ceetec Painting Machine can provide a better proof that it is able to produce perfect surface quality without overspray residue. At our customer the machine is painting 3-sided black as well, while the inside of the profiles remains completely free of unintentional spray mist. Considering our customer's quality standards and the high contrast between support material and paint, faulty coated components would not stand a chance.

Painting of all components by spraying and brushing

Spraying Box Ceetec IP Touch Combi

While the competitors still rely on the vacuum coating, our customer benefits in the manufacture of its garden houses from the high flexibility of his new combination machine. Its wide range of application for all relevant types of wood painting and various coating agents with minimum set-up time provides the decisive advantage. The machine can not only be easily integrated into any existing production line with automatic feeding, sanding and drying, thanks to its continuously adjustable feed speed of up to 200 m/min., this flexibility also applies to the work pieces. From strips with a minimum cross-section of 10x10 mm to supporting beams with 250x250 mm, the automatic painting machine is painting all components for the later creation of a wide range of garden houses and carports.

The requested segments, whether one or all sides, are coated easily and safely, even at rough and planed wood. Otherwise it would not be possible, as the inadequately coating especially of the groove and tongue of the wall panels would reduce the durability of the garden houses considerably. Furthermore, the lack of quality wouldn’t be kept hidden for the long term, as the natural swelling and shrinkage shows inadequately coated areas obviously. 

Our customer benefits from high flexibility at minimum costs

Low investment and follow-up costs, especially in comparison with the vacuum technology-based competition, and the perfect, overspray-free surface quality make the Ceetec IP Touch 250 Combi the optimal solution for our customers.

From now on our customer paints his tongue and groove panels 3-sided automatically and reliably. On demand, the machine can be modified with little effort from spraying machine to brushing machine impressing with reliable and material-saving all-round coating.

The flexible use of the automatic coating machine in the production process is supported by the automatic cleaning program and the electronic control with programme memory simplifying the change of paint and work piece sizes. Our project partner is provided all this by the combination machine in very small space and now can offer his customers even more individually designed garden houses. 

Wooden garden houses, designed for a long lifetime and an attractive look from inside and outside - the IP Touch Combi is the key to an economical implementation of these requirements in production. 

Automatic Painting Machine Ceetec IP Touch Combi