Cleaning Brushes

High-Quality Cleaning Brush from a Specialist 

„You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.” And sanding raises dust. Therefore it is especially important in the surface treatment to have a good filter system as well as efficient and high-quality cleaning equipment. In order to keep the working environment dust-free and to ensure that the surface treatment is not affected, we offer high-quality and high-effective cleaning brushes for every need. 

We are pleased to present a portfolio providing you with the best cleaning possibilities in the varied surface treatment. Applications for our cleaning range from sanding works at furniture, floors and profiles as well as surface treatment of windows, doors and frames to deburring 

The Right Brush for every Cleaning Purpose 

Our cleaning brushes meet highest quality demands and are developed especially for certain applications. For easy cleaning works we are providing brushes based on nylon or natural brushes, for example. Alternatively we have available “Blowing-Off or Windjet-Systems” cleaning the surface thoroughly and blowing-off dust completely. 

Our recommendation for especially challenging cleaning works at extremely dirty surfaces is the use of special steel brushes or brushes made of abrasive nylon. For example, flexible nylon brushes are able to thoroughly remove old wood from stubborn dirt and bringing back the rustic splendour of old days.