Structuring / Texturing Brushes

Structuring Brushes for an Authentic Wood Look 

The structuring of wood surfaces is booming for several years now and enjoys great popularity among friends of a rustic look. The technical principle is based on “brushing out” soft wood out of hard wood emphasizing the texture of the structure and creating a particularly attractive rustic look. 

How Structuring creates the Texture 

When structuring wood we take advantage of the natural, multi-layered structure of the tree trunk. Due to the natural growth of wood layers arise which are alternately composed of earlywood and latewood. The terms earlywood and latewood refer to the season of growth: in spring, the tree grows very fast, but the wood is not so hard. In late summer and autumn, growth slows down with the wood being very hard. The resulting rings in the trunk are called annual rings. During structuring this characteristic is made available by brushing out the soft earlywood with texturing brushes and preserving the hard latewood. Alternatively, there are also textured brushes which remove both the soft and the hard texture.

The user has the option to control himself the removal depth by changing the feed speed and the frequency of the application and thus influence the optical finish. 

Our structuring brushes consist of steel wire or abrasive nylon, with the steel brushes removing the hard as well as the soft texture, while abrasive nylon brushes remove the soft early wood only. 

Our Structuring Brushes 

As a user you have the choice between structuring brushes with a fix axis and a core or brushes with a core and drill matching with your machine. Furthermore you can choose between different grits depending on the requested optical finish and vary at steel brushes   the thickness of the wires.