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Fisher + Rückle


FZR 15


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Fisher + Rückle Veneer Cross Splicer - second-hand FZR 15 main picture not available


Veneer Cross Splicer
make Fisher & Rückle
type Furnimaster FZR 15

built 2012

The line is completely checked – guarantee!

FURNIMASTER FZR-15 Cross Veneer Splicing Machine
For fully efficient cross splicing of parallel joined veneer strips to endless or single products. Pre-gluing with PVAc or UREA based glue.

Joining capacity: approx. 17-20 cycles/min.

Technical data:
Veneer strip length (in fibre direction) 350 – 1500 mm
Veneer strip width (cross to fibre direction) 50 - 500 mm
Veneer width (cross to fibre direction) min. 400
Veneer strip thickness (depending on veneer) 0.3 – 1.5 mm

Pre-feeding system for the efficient and comfortable feeding of veneer strips
Panel automatic for the splicing of veneers with pre-sorted veneer strips or pre-selected veneer blade numbers.

Complete with:

Sizing Clipper
Automatic and accurate clipping of the veneer faces to desired size

At endless joining the straight run of the veneer has to be considered and, if necessary, re-adjusted manually. The width veneer layon is determined by two photo-cells which are positioned in appropriate distance from the veneer clipper on the direct deposit device.
vom Format- Clipper auf der Direkt-Ablagevorrichtung positioniert sind.

Direct Stacking Device DA-22
For discharging and stacking of the veneers directly after the splicing or format clipping. The veneers are stacked smoothly, without any mechanical load.
Min. veneer layon length (in fibre direction) 350* - 1500 mm
Veneer layon width (cross to fibre direction) 500* - 2200 mm
Removal from the stack from left, right or rear
Max. stacking height 500 mm
* veneer layons deposit is possible, but without warranty on stacking accuracy

Scissor Lift Table (without rolls on the platform)
for automatic veneer stacking below the direct depositing device
platform dimensions approx. 2500 x 1200 mm
load capacity 1000 kg

- Perfectly joined sliced and rotary-cut of a wide range of woods, conditionally with wavy or different veneer
- The fastest and best-selling veneer cross feed splicing machine available
- Unique and praised Fisher + Rückle horizontal pressing system
- The robust basic construction ensures a long service life and is dependable, reliable and enduring.
- Easy operation due to touch screen with clearly arranged symbols and separate pressure control.
- Moveable cross beam allows for quick and easy access to the heating plates for service and maintenance duties
- Few wear parts, little service and maintenance cost


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